Quitting is NOT an Option

Sometimes we judge a person based on what they wear, what car they drive, and the house they live in.

Sometimes we see the end results and are not aware of the behind the scenes work and grind.

Unless you win the lottery, earning income requires work, perseverance and willingness to grow and advance.

It is easy to do something and it’s just as easy not to do something. Yet in order to have the desired results, you need to push through the “I don’t feel like doing it today”. I have pushed, and you can too.

In this picture and see a factory setting. I am the young woman working on the sewing machine creating golf bags at $3.25/ per hour.

I worked at Hawk, Golf Bag Co. , 1989

I came from Poland and I didn’t even speak English, yet I was learning as much as I could from the tv ads and magazines. Believe me, the tv ads can be helpful in learning new words.

This was not easy. I was down a lot. Got over many obstacles.

On your path you will meet people who will help. Just recognized the people that guide you on your way.

In my case I had many people help me. I had 2 local ladies teach me a total of 20 hours of English – that was enough for basics that allowed for my employment.

On my birthday, October 16, 2020

I worked hard, and tirelessly. I missed birthdays and anniversaries. I never stopped.
Quitting was not an option.

Whatever your desire is, set your mind on it and go for it. Do not stop. You will get there.

PS. Can you guess which on am I, on the picture seeing golf bags?

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