So, after the polar vortex, pipes burst, and bathroom remodel, this sounds just about right. 

I just saw a gentlemen wearing a shirt “with cruising live is easier”. What a brilliant statement! If we only adapted that in life and started sailing and cruising with ease!
For those of you who never went on a cruise 🚢 …. EVERYTHING is prepared for you. The room is made every day, more than once. The attendant is there anytime you might need assistance. The food is available 20 hours per day, there is dancing, theater, live music 🎶 and most of all, smiling and extremely friendly staff. 

Let’s cruise through life with ease
And back to the hustle.


Arrived to paradise. 
Except we couldn’t wait to be on the sun and got burned on the deck while sailing. 
That’s what happens when you get away from a polar vortex.


Having fun in the sun!!! 
We learned that Chicago got a foot of snow again!
Stop number 2 – San Juan Puerto Rico 
We have been before, I think 3 or 4 times, and that’s just and awesome way to build on the prior trip. Now we know the streets of the old town. 
It’s good to be back. 


Today we are still in the Caribbean paradise. 
Stop number 3 Saint Martin. 
We decided to go to the French side of the unusual island that is Dutch on one side and French 🇫🇷 on the other, with 2 governments.

We spent a day in a beautiful setting of the Bikini beach versus no bikini beach.

The best part is just being, the extra perk is observing the water, the nature, and the people playing in the water. 


With a view like that it’s easy to forget the cold winter of Chicago – right?

We are still cruising. Today is stop number 4 – St. Kitts 
We took a tour of the island  learning about its 400 years history. 
Our guide lady showed us trees and plants  that have been historically used for different health issues. Her grandma was cooking a tea out of oregano, basil and lemongrass to give them more energy for the day, so they could stay on the daily tasks. She even talked about a bark of a tree that is o own for curing leukemia. She actually used that term “cure” as it is listed as such in the American Medical Journal.

We visited the rum distillery that her grandma used to work on in the day.

Before we sail away, we are annoying lunch in this heavenly setting right on the beach. 

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