Do Oils Really Work?

That’s a good question right?  There are so many oils around, and it is so confusing to which are good and which are just another substance.

The essential oils and supplemental products discussed are the sole products of Young Living Essential Oils LC. I am a completely separate entity from Young Living. Products mentioned may be reformulated, discontinued, expanded or enhanced by Young Living at any given time.

Please understand that I do not advocate any oils without the Seed to Seal guarantee. Even minor changes in the quality of an essential oil may render it, at best, useless, and at worst, dangerous.

The body functioning  is nothing different than all systems working together.  Depending how well they all work together we either feel good or not so good.

Hormones are as important as everything else in our body.  They are chemical compounds and are responsible for so many functions in the body such as:
– Breathing
– Blood pressure
– Motion and muscles
– Reproduction
– Mood
– Digestion
– Growth
– Stress
– And many more….
Just knowing that tells me that it would be a good idea to balance my hormones hormones.

I am responsible for my own wellness and well being, and I am inviting you to find out what balances the body and what is distracting the body from a balance.

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This is a protocol I mentioned that I was using to stay in balance, as it was suggested to me.  I still use the same when not feeling my optimal.


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Disclaimer: This is for educational purposes only.  It is not to diagnose, treat, cure or prevent any diseases. 
This is my own opinion, based on my own experiences, and if you are suffering from any  diseases, illness or injury, it is your responsibility  to consult with your Physician.

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I will coach and guide to the best of my ability. You are NOT alone, there is 5.6 mln of us worldwide.

Till next time
​~ Kate K

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