I can’t believe that this blog post was created on 09/24/2015 and it was waiting for the rank to really appear.  Nobody achieves the rank of Diamond by themselves, so as a team we worked towards that. How do you express the gratitude to the army of people that work by your side?  By teaching them how to do it themselves together with their teams, as it is possible.

You can do ANYTHING when you make the decision to do it.  This is my model, and I am sticking to it.
I never said “I can’t” or “I don’t know how”, I just did, I figured out how, I asked, I searched, and I researched.

Even writing a blog is challenging!!! At least it was.  The technology is all new to all of us, except the kids, they are born already knowing, it seams.

Did I figured out all by myself?  Oh no!  My talented daughter Agnes Tchoryk has. Not only she earned the rank of Young Living Platinum, she did the research, she attended and paid for many seminars, and she had the patience to guide me.   She is the one who showed me Windows, after DOS.   She crated her own blog and thanks to HER I learned.  If she did not have the desire, ambition and drive, I would be still in the dark ages.

Do I believe that ANYBODY can become the Diamond?  Absolutely, each person can achieve that and so much more.   Why not  EVERYBODY is the Diamond?  Most people will not do what it takes to be there.    It does require discipline, action, and more action.  It is no different than finishing college or any school.  That goes for everything we do.  Everyone can, not everyone will.


We first need to look at what a “success” means to different people.  The personal definition will differentiate the measurement of the success.  For some it means finishing school, for some having a family, for some owning a home mortgage free, for some ability to travel, for some having kids, for some abundance of money.

Then we can answer if most people do succeed according to their own definition.  From my own little research I found that most people are not satisfied, not happy, and not content.  That goes for their profession, their family and/or  finances.  The question really is why most people don’t succeed in life or have that feeling of not succeeding?  Most people work hard, and are willing to work!  However, most people do not
1. Make the decision to succeed
2. Are not willing to get out of the comfort zone
3. Are not willing to make the sacrifices
4. Are not willing to stay for long enough to see the results of their hard work


If you have it in you, do not let your past define you.  You can achieve anything you desire at any age, and coming from all walks of life.  Look at me, I immigrated from Poland with $140 in my pocket and $760 in loans to get to the promise land.  My belongings fit in 4 suitcases: 2 for me and 2 for my daughter.
If I could learn the language, go to college and graduate with the highest honors, and create a life that I absolutely adore, so can you.  I am no different than you.  I would love to guide you when you make the decision that you take your life in your own hands and are teachable.

To join my team, start by clicking and getting your own Premium Starter Kit

Till next time
​~ Kate K

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